Successful or just busy?

Some time ago I wrote an article about the pressure of always being busy. Our society praises all those people who give up their lives to ‘hustle’ to the top. But is that really what it takes? Can you even be productive when you are in a constant state of exhaustion? Do we have to give up our hapiness to be able to achieve your goals? Now that a lot of us are setting new years resolutions it is a good moment to include our hapiness in those resolutions!

Don’t get me wrong I also admire people who work their *** of to achieve their goals. There is no easy way to success. But I do believe that there is a more ‘happy’ way. Maybe a more efficient way that doesn’t create so many burn outs and depressions? We often see the achievement of a goal as the hapiness factor. But I truely believe that you need a peaceful mind along the way to even feel happy when you achieve a goal.

The pressure of being busy and successful often comes with a feeling of guilt when you are taking time for yourself. That is a very important mentality that we need to change. If you learn to fully switch off and enjoy free time you will return to your work with new ideas and new motivation. You will be even more productive than when you continuously push yourself over the limit. Working until exhaustion never created the best work. When you are tired you make mistakes it is as simple as that. It is all about achieving your own goals not about showing the world who can push their limits the hardest.

So go out give yourself a break, be mindful and enjoy the moment to the fullest. That will charge you to start achieving your goals so much more efficiently. Being happy improves every part of our lives and work so it is extremely important that we figure out what makes us happy and how to maintain it. You often hear that the way to achieving goals is so much more fulfilling than the actual achievement of the end goal. But when you spend that journey being depressed and exhausted you will never be able to fully enjoy your goal and you will set new and higher goals in the hope that you will feel satisfied. But as long as you don’t realise that you need to be happy and content along the way to be able to fully feel the enjoyment of achieving your goals.

The question I asked in my previous article was:
Why did our generation stop taking breaks, why do we have to be busy all the time? Where does that pressure come from.
Do we compare ourselves to much with those few extreme success stories that we see online?

Maybe that pressure isn’t as big as we think maybe it is just because we don’t realise that hustling doesn’t have to be a 24/7 activity. Because those extreme success stories that we see online also often have such a fun life? Why can they have it all?

It is an illusion that we can be busy and productive all the time. Everyone needs a break now and again. It is perfectly fine to sit on your couch on a Sunday and watch a good movie, you just have to be fully aware that you are taking a break. Put that phone away and just relax.

Lots of Love


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