Should we like everyone?

Today’s question is, should we like everyone? Should we be able to get along with everyone? Because that would make the world so much easier. Is it naive to even consider the idea. Or is it a good mentality that we all should try to have? 

We often don’t like people because we perceive them as different from us. But different shouldn’t be negative. We should all try to be curious for things that we don’t know. In stead of creating an opinion we should try to understand. Understanding starts with opening up for a conversation. Let the people who we perceive as different tell their story, their fears and their struggles. I am convinced that the more they tell you the more we will realise that we are all the same. Our brain is programmed to label everything. Even when you consider yourself open minded your subconscious still organises everything in categories. So we have to actively open up to the ‘us versus them’ way of thinking. Be aware that it is a natural thing to do but actively change your opinion and don’t consider ‘them’ as less or as something negative. Because different is not negative just different.

Why would your ‘normal’ be better than someone else’s ‘normal’. Why do we have such a strong obsessions to fit in a general approach of ‘normal’. Did anyone ever become more happy because of that intense search or desire? Luckily there are also people who like to be different and people who just don’t care. But we like to make those people feel uncomfortable because we have a need to tell them that they are ‘different’. But different from what exactly? Different from our very limited understanding of the world? If you open up to learn more about everyone’s story you might end up liking someone else’s normal over yours!

Can we all try to be a bit more curious and a bit less judging.

Lots of love


PS: inspired by Dirk De Wachter

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