Is that really a problem?

Hello everyone!

It is a new week full of new opportunities. For me that is very accurate because tomorrow I have my first real job interview. I am so excited because I can already see myself working for that company and that is a first, because I am very picky when it comes to finding a job. But that is not what I wanted to talk you about today. (I wrote this article several weeks ago ;), so maybe I already know if I have that job or not )


Recently I caught myself on saying the same thing to a few different people that I am close to and that is; is that already a problem? What I mean with that is, do you see a possible problem in the future or are you already dealing with that problem now? Most of the time the problem they mention is a prediction of a future scenario. They tell me a story with all the possible scenario’s of things that could go wrong. You can feel the stress that they already have for something that didn’t even happen. Those thoughts can take up so much of your mental space that it influences your mood or even the way you make decisions. I find it difficult to understand why you would do that to yourself. I am not like that at all, I don’t deal with problems that haven’t occurred yet.  That doesn’t mean that I am naive and that I think everything will always run smoothly. I just naturally have a sober view on the world. A problem is just a problem when you perceive it as one, I always try to perceive it as a challenge or I don’t even acknowledge it and just do what has to be done. It is easier that you think to convince yourself from certain things your mind is very strong.

I am not here to tell you what to do or think, I just want to touch on the topic so that we can all be aware of the fact that it doesn’t help to stress over something that you are not sure of that it will even happen. That fear will keep you from living in the moment. And at the start of a new week we should all try to open our minds to all the possibilities we do have.

Have a lovely Monday!

Lots of Love




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