Motivate and be motivated

Hello everyone!!

I recently graduated from University so naturally the next step is to find a job. And that is exactly what I am currently doing. I am writing this article today because I want to acknowledge that I am very grateful with the people that I have around me when it comes to motivating me and giving me the best possible advice. You know a friend is a real friend when they are equally happy as you when you achieve something great.
But I hasn’t always been this way, I haven’t always had so many people around me who are so supportive. That is exactly why I have taught myself how to motivate myself.


For me motivation starts with setting goals. The clearer the goal the easier to effectively motivate yourself towards that specific goal. We often have those big goals that could possibly change our life. Those goals are also really hard to achieve unless… you break them down in small, step by step goals that will finally add up to the bigger one. Figure out all the small elements that will help you achieve what you have always dreamed of achieving.  Make tiny different decisions in your day to day life that will put you in the right direction. Congratulate yourself when you realise you don’t take the easy option anymore. Those small changes will not feel like a major task and will be so much more easy to maintain.

An example that a little change in your daily routine can have a bigger positive outcome. I used to be a bookworm but I just went through a period that I never opened a book only if I had to for uni. I wanted to change that because I have always loved reading. But I never came around to sit down open a book an read it. I bought so many interesting books but I never opened them. Until I decided that I could easily swap that excessive phone time into half an hour of reading every evening. Now I try to read at least one book a month, so from not reading at all I went to at least 12 books a year only by changing 20 to 30 minutes of my day. But If I would have set the goal to read 12 books a year without a dividing it, it would turned November and I wouldn’t have opened one book probably. This was just a little side note that I recommend you to always break down your goal in easier achievable small goals, that is a better way to success and you will feel more satisfied.

How to motivate yourself

Lists: I constantly make little lists of things that I want to achieve. And very importantly I put a time frame next to that. It is such a satisfying feeling to be able to check of a little box.

Motivation collage: Visualising your goals is a perfect way to motivate yourself. Make a motivation collage of all the things you dream of. Put it in a place you often see and your subconscious will help you achieve your goals too. It is the perfect way to not loose track of want you want to achieve.

Plan B: My plans often have a plan B just to stay positive and motivated when your original idea doesn’t work out. I try to find alternative goals that will satisfy me almost equally. Then it doesn’t feel like a failure but I try to perceive it as a change of plans.

Speak out: Don’t keep your goals quiet, don’t keep them to yourself. You will be surprised how you can motivate yourself even more by telling it to other people. It is a way of reminding yourself. When you have said it out loud it sounds more real trust me! And when you are lucky those people that you have told will start supporting you and motivating you too.

Have a lovely day!
and feel free to share your goals with me, I am very curious.

Lots of love


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