How to buy designer as a student

Hi everyone!!

The seasons are changing and I am currently planning my transitional wardrobe. While I was getting all my autumn and winter favourites out I realised that I already accumulated a little collection of designer items while I am actually still on a budget. That is why I decided to share some of my tips to collect designer items without spending a fortune on them.

First I want to tell you what I look for in designer items. I am always on a hunt for high quality investment pieces like leather jackets and winter coats or a timeless pair of loafers. But these classics are also very difficult to find reduced in price. On the other hand I also love a good statement piece and we all know that those very famous fashion designers know how to create a good showstopper.

TIP1: Don’t be afraid to visit designer shops during the sale season, especially not at the end of the sale season. I know it can be quite intimidating at first but just keep your eye on the target because you never know which timeless pieces is still in stock.
That is exactly how I found my classic Gucci loafers at 30 percent of. And even more surprisingly they still had a few sizes left. It gets even better, my mother once found a Balmain leather biker jacker reduced for more than 70 percent. It is a classic biker jacket with very nice detailing. The women who sold it to her even told my mother that she couldn’t believe that it wasn’t sold yet.15094975_1601660863474952_2541446524980656762_n

Dolce skirt and Gucci loafers from the same boutique that does amazing sale bargains.

TIP2: When you still don’t feel comfortable enough to visit the designer stores you can have a look at online retailers who stock designer items. For my Belgian and Dutch readers, Bijenkorf also has a really nice selection of designer items and their sale is always very interesting 😉


Found this self-portrait dress at 70 percent a few years ago.

TIP3: Even though you might get lucky with certain designer items at a very low price there are other designer items that will never drop in price. Unless… you buy those items pre-loved. Burberry used to burn their stock instead of dropping the prices just to maintain the brands value. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your hands on a Burberry trench-coat for a reasonable price. There are several websites that specialise in reselling designer items so that you are sure that you are buying an authentic piece. But even ebay has changed its policy towards fake items to protect the buyer. So we all can get rid of that big fear of buying fake items as long as you follow the rule; if it is too good to be true, it probably is and stay far away from it!

TIP4: Seek down vintage shops. Every  time when I visit a new city I look up if they have good vintage shops. The majority of the vintage shops sell pre-loved items but sometimes you stumble upon pieces that still have the original price tag on. That is because some shops have the opportunity to buy the remains of old collections. I am also that person that dares to ask if a shop has some A brand items in stock before I started browsing around myself, you never know what is hidden treasure is waiting for you.

TIP5: Find yourself a good seamstress. It is already rare to find a designer piece heavily discounted, but the chances are even smaller to find an item in your size. So when you know a good seamstress you can adjust a lot of items to your perfect fit. Especially when the items are too big.Lavendelhoeve (25 van 27)

This skirt is also from Dolce Gabbana but it was a few sizes to big, so my wonderful seamstress adjusted it perfectly to my figure.

TIP6: Don’t just buy it because it is designer! Don’t be fooled by the nametag, you should always ask yourself if you would still love it wasn’t designer.

Lots of Love


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