dream a little dream of me


Since I am studying in England a lot of people congratulate me on my achievement. The first few times people told me, I told myself “well this is not a real achievement”. I am not graduated yet, I’m just studying in an other country and it is not even the first time that I’m doing this. I used to just thank those people and move on.
But recently I have an extreme urge to understand everything. Everything I think and all the things other people think about certain situations.
Why doesn’t this feel like an achievement for me? Should it feel that way or are those people wrong?


I am a very talkative person and I love to talk to as many people as possible. Even to people that I don’t know. I love to hear their stories. I used to just listen and let them do the talking. But because of that urge to understand things better I started asking more questions. And those stories just got a lot better. Not because I know more details but because I understand them better. People tend to tell stories in facts but I seek emotions behind those facts. That makes everything much more interesting.

So one thing that I realised is that I do dream and think a bit bigger than a lot of people around me. Studying abroad has never been my goal it is just a small step that brings me closer to my goals.

Someone asked me recently if I am a dreamer of more a realist. I always convinced myself that I was a realist. And that is how I acted and that is what I told the world. It is also what influenced my own way of thinking. Thinking about the bigger things in life felt like the biggest struggle. Those two sides of me never seemed to find a middle ground. Because that person asked me so directly I wanted to give a true answer. To be honest, how much I would love to be more of a realist, I am clearly a dreamer!

So instead of hiding that part of me. I should be proud of it and embrace it. Yes world I do dream big and maybe a bit unrealistic. But that is who I am and that is the only way I want to be.

You are never too old to get to know yourself better. Broaden your horizons and keep your eyes open. Learn something new everyday and never loose your curiosity.



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