The pressure to be busy

IMG_6692Today’s question is why do we make our life’s so busy? Are we actually that busy? Or is it just something that makes us sound succesful?

I don’t want to count the times that I started a blogpost with a phrase like, it’s been way too long since I posted or I haven’t been uploading because I was so busy and so on.
I always felt really guilty for being too busy and not writing articles. But what was I doing when I call myself busy? Was I actually being productive or was I too busy enjoying myself?
I honestly hope it was the second option!

For the first time in my life I have ‘a lot of time’ on my hands. That is because I only attend classes two days a week and I only work one day at my student job. So four days out of seven I can choose what I do with my time. I still manage to give myself the impression that I am busy all the time. And it is true I’m constantly doing something. I never give myself a break. Well at least that is what I tell myself.

Why did our generation stop taking breaks, why do we have to be busy all the time? Where does that pressure come from.
Do we compare ourselves to much with those few extreme success stories that we see online?

I’m a student and I have a student job. So during the week I attend classes and in the weekends I work for school and I work at my student job. Next to that I want to maintain a social life and see my friends as much as possible. I also love to have a nice Instagram page and an active blog. For me it is also really important to know what is happening in the world so I read a few news sites. I love to read a good book now and again. I have a big YouTube addiction and a monthly subscription to Netflix.
So these are the things that keep me busy. But writing it down makes me realise that half of my activities are just pure entertainment.
But it doesn’t feel that way, because when I’m watching Netflix, I feel guilty for not doing something more productive. But why is that? Maybe we should all start telling each other that it is ok to do nothing productive from time to time.

It is an illusion that we can be busy and productive all the time. Everyone needs a break now and again. It is perfectly fine to sit on your couch on a Sunday and watch a good movie, you just have to be fully aware that you are taking a break. Put that phone away and just relax.

Lots of Love
Imke xx


Een gedachte over “The pressure to be busy

  1. Als student had ik dat gevoel ook altijd heel erg. Moeten, moeten, moeten en een schuldgevoel als ik niets “nuttigs” deed. Nu is dat gelukkig zo goed als verdwenen en kan ik na het werk ook echt ontspannen, maar dat zal er ook vanaf hangen of je voor je job ’s avonds ook nog beschikbaar moet zijn. Je hebt in elk geval groot gelijk! Het is echt wel oké om af en toe helemaal niks te doen.

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