I forgot that ‘normal’ exists

Life can be tough sometimes. But that is not something that we tend to share. We only share those positive moments. We even create positive stories so that we can show the world how lovely our life is. Pure window dressing.
What is wrong with being real? Why don’t we share real emotions anymore?

It is normal that life is a bit sad from time to time. It is also normal that life isn’t exciting all the time. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I’m writing this article to myself, so that I remember that I have to find joy the mundane things in life.
Being happy isn’t about setting bigger goals everyday or having a sh*t load of money on your bank account. Because you just can’t buy happiness. It would be such an easy thing if that existed. But it doesn’t so it is really important for us to surround yourself with people who make you smile. People that are willing to listen when life is a bit sad. People who are happy for you when you do achieve something big.
We are so convinced of the idea that you can achieve everything on your own, that we forget the importance of the people around us.

One of my closest friends often says, well this is a real moment of pure luck. The first time that I heard her say that I was like what kind of person are you? Because I had never been aware of a happy moment, in the moment itself. I live my life at a high speed and I actually barely reflect on things. But because she kept doing it and she dares to say it out loud. It made me realise how important it is to realise ‘a moment of luck’ or ‘a happy time’ in the moment you are living it.
So that is something that I am working on myself, I want to realise when I experience a precious moment to reflect on it when it is happening.
When you start doing that you learn what brings you joy in your mundane life.

I would love to hear from you what ‘stupid’ little things make you happy on a daily basis. Maybe we can motivate each other to realise those things a bit more.

Lots of Love

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