Feminism is an ugly word

Hello everyone!!

This months Glamour issue inspired me to share my opinion about feminism and female rights. I hope this article can start a conversation here on my blog. I can’t wait to read your experiences and opinions on this matter.


Maybe I should explain the title first. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely thankful for those women who called themself feminists. They fought for our rights and achieved beautiful things. But nowadays it has a little negative connotation. But that is because those women had to over exaggerate to make their point and to achieve something.  I have to admit I don’t call myself a feminist. But I do feel really comfortable using “woman empowerment” to address the same topics.

My life has always been very female orientated without even realising it. It starts with my little family. My father left us when I was 11. So from that point my mom and my two sisters and I formed our little family. People often want to know more about growing up  with a single parent. My standard answer is I have never missed my father. But when I was a teenager I really missed a father figure in my life.
All of this didn’t turn me into a ‘men hater’ or anything. I just have an extreme urge to empower the woman around me.

I never saw myself as a feminist because I love to dress up and I love to embrace my femininity. I have always been a typical girl. I also don’t have a single problem with men. But I do have a problem with the system that once was created by men. Woman should have the same rights that is a fact. We should earn the same salary as men for the same job. Because your gender doesn’t define you.


The Dutch glamour issue of November asked a few of their female employees 3 questions. While I was reading the answers of the employees I was answering those questions too. So today I want to share with you my answers. Feel free so send me your responses too. I would love to read them.

Who is a power woman in my opinion and why?

A power woman is someone who believes in her dreams. Someone that doesn’t take no for an answer. Someone that will do whatever it takes to reach her goals. In my opinion it doesn’t matter if that goal is to built a company or to have a family of six or to be the best female soccer player ever. You just have to believe and achieve.
I’m currently reading a book by Maria Hatzistefanis, who is the founder of Rodial. Her book is all about the struggle she had to face to build her company and her brand. By telling the real story instead of only the achievements she empowered me to think even bigger, to work a bit harder and to believe even more.
It’s so empowering that woman are allowed to tell the truth. Talking about your weaknesses and maybe failures doesn’t make you weak it just makes you real. But telling other people how you faced your weaknesses and how you solved your failures makes you strong!

How do you support woman in your life?

Because of my background I tend to have more sympathy for woman. I also feel the urge to motivate women around me to pursue their dreams. I’m a very enthusiastic and positive person those are the two main characteristics that help me to motivate others.

But also by writing these kinds of articles. I’m not afraid to share my opinion. And I’m also not afraid to be vulnerable.

What does woman empowerment signify for you?

Woman shouldn’t be afraid any more of who they are, who they have been and who they want to be. We are all individuals with dreams and our gender should not make any difference when it comes to pursuing our dreams! Us woman should stick together and tell each other that we are equal until that day that the rest of the world is convinced that we are all equal.

But it is really important that we empower each other. We should not separate us from men even more and make the gender gap even bigger!

Lots of Love



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