Teenage troubles

Hello everyone!!

In my last article I opened up to you about my insecurities. Today I want to share more of my story on how I learned to be confident in my own skin. Not that I’m a pro or anything. I struggle on a daily basis with my self esteem. But there are some small things that kept me going in my teenage years. I recently really felt the urge to share those thoughts.


The main thing that was really important for me, were clothes. It might sound a bit strange to some of you but I will explain. I have always loved clothes and fashion. The less confident I felt the more extreme I dressed. In high school I dressed like it was Christmas everyday. I mainly bought all my clothes in the festive season.
Why would someone with very low self esteem want to stand out?
Something I realized in high school was that people won’t give you a compliment on the way you look. But they do give compliments when they like your outfit. So I desperately seeked for compliments about my outfits, so I could feel better about myself. If only one person told me that they liked my skirt, I was a happy kid for the rest of the day. It also gave me the idea that people saw my outfit more then they saw me. Which gave me such a save feeling. It made me feel like I could kind of hide.


To be honest with you guys, that is also one on the main reasons why I started blogging. I knew that my little fashion style was likeable. So I wanted to share it with as many people as possible. Finding people online with the same interests made me feel like I belonged to something. Which feels incredible when you have low self esteem.


My blog has always been my happy place. My little space online where I could share the things that I love myself. I know that I have been very lucky to never receive negative comments. I never had to deal with haters or anything. Thank god because that would have been a whole other story.



Lots of Love

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